Investment Policy of JGV Bulgaria

Vladimir Rusev, Chairman of the Board of JGV Bulgaria, presents the investment policy of the company:

Владимир Русев, Председател на УС на

As with most organizations, the striving for perfection is a leading factor in our development.

Improving the cooperation with the Bulgarian beekeepers, the trade relations with the European and international companies, the ties with the certifying bodies and laboratories for honey nalysisq as well as the two-way communication with the competent state and European bodies - all these are part of the fundamental priorities of JGV Bulgaria.

Achieving these objectives is related to the planning and implementation of certain investments. We envisage the following steps in this direction:

  • Investing in infrastructure – In 2019 we commence the implementation of a new project for processing bio honey products. The implementation of a new hi-tech line for processing and the expansion of the annual production capacity will facilitate the transition to a higher and more beneficial level of cooperation with beekeepers and companies.
  • Investing in quality – Presently JGV Bulgaria has one of the most up-to-date laboratories in Bulgaria. The results of our analysis are checked for reliability in the German laboratory Intertek, and this verification gives us a leading role in the industry. Despite the excellent results we plan a further expansion of the area of analysis, purchasing LC-MS (Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry), and this aparatus will enhance the potential of our laboratory.
  • Investing in qualified personnel – The continuing education of our staff is the groundwork of achieving our long term objectives. Every year our laboratory staff take part in various Bulgarian and international educational events. This enables us to keep abreast with the new technologies and to successfully meet the constantly changing demands to the Bulgarian honey industry.
  • Investing in the popularization of the Bulgarian honey industry – Our organization regularly takes part in all important Bulgarian and international forums. We envisage participation in events on other continents in the near future.
  • Investing in bio honey farms – JGV Bulgaria is an organization which shares the opinion that the honey industry will be successful only if beekeepers and processors join their efforts. That is why the investment policy of our organization includes a whole section for the development of bio honey farms. By 2018 our organization has assisted the establishment and maintenance of more than 10 000 bio honey families. This trend will be maintained for the next several years.

Aa a conclusion I would like to add that the organization I represent will keep its drive for perfection in the future and together with this we will adhere to our philosophy of work – the trade morals, the open dialogue and correct cooperation with beekeepers, certifying companies, state bodies, European isntitutions and companies shall go on to enhance our authority in the future.

We believe that the path to the final good result is more imortant than the result itself.

I wish every success to all who work for the development of Bulgarian agriculture and the honey industry in particular!

About JGV Bulgaria

JGV Bulgaria Ltd is an organization which is proud to use the services of qualified managerial staff, energetic young employees with modern ideas for the developmen of the sector, experienced experts in research and processing of bee honey.


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